Mini Guide to New York, NY

Country: United States of America (USA) – Currency: U.S Dollars ($ or USD)

New York is one of the greatest cities in the world; home to Broadway, Central Park, The Metropolitan Museum of Art, SoHo, and many other fantastic places. Your first visit can be overwhelming with lots of things to do from visiting restaurants, museums, sightseeing, to shopping and much more. But put your mind at ease, no one can do everything in one visit. So we will try our best here to guide you plan and filter best things to do in New York, according to your time and budget.

New York City is situated on one of the world’s largest natural harbors and comprises of five boroughs, sitting where the Hudson River meets the Atlantic Ocean. Each borough is a county of the State of New York. The five boroughs are BrooklynQueensManhattanthe Bronx, and Staten Island.


The climate of New York City is a humid subtropical climate, with parts of the city transitioning into a humid continental climate. This gives the city cold, wet winters and hot, humid summers with plenty of rainfall all year round.

MonthAverage temperaturesAverage precipitation
Min °F (°C)Max °F (°C)InchesDays
January27 (-3)39 (4)3.710
February28 (-2)41 (5)3.19
March36 (2)50 (10)4.311
April45 (7)61 (16)4.512
May54 (12)72 (22)4.111
June64 (18)79 (26)4.311
July68 (20)84 (29)4.510
August68 (20)82 (28)4.510
September61 (16)75 (24)4.39
October50 (10)64 (18)4.39
November41 (5)54 (12)3.910
December32 (0)43 (6)3.911

So When is the best time to visit New York? 

There’s no best time in our opinion, it is always blissful to visit New York any time, however, if you’re looking to save on your flights or accommodation a little, then we advise you to consider both traveling during the mid seasons which falls around April to May and September to October or the low season which is January through March.

But the best time to travel to New York is during its high season which extends over two periods; in summer (June to August) and in winter (November to December).

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Top things to do

We have compiled a list of top things to do in New York with tours & activities, with which you can enjoy the highlights of the city. 

Or just check out a full list of the best tours and activities in New York with customer ratings and durations. And choose from a list of things from entry tickets, guided tours, to bundled activities, and more: